Kalidasa’s Meghaduta 1: undertaking a translation. with a leaning towards reflection and speculation unlike anything in Chinese, or indeed in English, {7} we. Digitized by Google. Digitized by. Page 2. Digitized by Google. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Read Kalidasa’s Meghdoot book reviews & author details and more at of Kalidasa: Text with Sanskrit Commentary of Mallinatha, English Translation, Notes.

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Mar 17, Meghdootam: Belonging to the tradition of Duta-Kavyam, Meghdootam is a love poem, natural poem, and romantic poem, besides being a social document.

One is astonished to find, romanticism and classicism, rational and physical, spiritual and emotional are going nicely with each other. An overtly, the subject matter is bound in Mandakranta meter a lyrical quality.

The poem is divided into two parts: They are like two gems strung meghdoott one thread.

As the poem opens, the Yaksha has kaldas spent his eight month of exile and yearning to meet his beloved. He requests the cloud to become his messenger of love and. The route that indicated by Kalidasa is the route of monsoon.


Here, the poet says that while traveling towards North the cloud will come across the region of Mala, then it will float towards Norh-Westand will pass through Amarkoot Hill; then it kalldas touch the foothills of Vindhyachal, where, where Reva or Narmada is flowing in zigzag motion.

Then the cloud will pass through Darshan, whose capital was Vidisa. Then take a straight route and turn towards Ujjaini, the capital of Avanti.

Then the description of lalidas of number of rivers, hills, states, temples, and flowers. The description shows that the poet might have visited these places of India personally, and the artist in him was at his best when he describes these parts in this poem, which makes it immortal masterpiece of the poet. He also tells her that the remaining period of his exile will end soon.

MeghadÅ«ta – Wikipedia

Thus, ends the message that yaksha desires to sent to her beloved through the cloud. The poem ends with the words for the.


If one analyses Meghdootam as a romantic poem one has to identify the central figure of the poem. The yaksha whose claim to the title is most potent, is quite surprisingly, not even named in the poem. There is no attempt of characterization. The love interest takes backseat. It would be a gross fallacy to read the poem Simply as a love message.

Meghaduta | poem by Kalidasa |

Megndoot actual message is rather thin and predictable. Whether the message delivered or not is left unsaid, it shows that message is not at the focal point of the poem. In its imaginative process the poem makes the semantic boundaries of love as emotion. Chandra Rajan has rightly says: After reading the poem one can say: Newer Post Older Post Home.