Dr Ved Prakash Upadhyaya and his works Book Two – Kalki Avatar and Prophet Muhammad Chapter Four – Conditions when the Final Avatar appears. Book about similarities between Islam & Hinduism Book By Pundit Vaid Parkash Upadhyay. Kalki Autar. By: Prof. Pundit Vaid Parkash Reviewed by: Mir Abdul Majeed Broadcasted on BICNews 8 December Pundit verifies Messenger was.

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In sanskrit, ‘vishnu’ stands for Allah swt and the literal meaning of ‘bhagat’ is slave. He owes his success to 1 strategy. Where would be Hanumanji during Kalki avatar? Therefore, from all four points of view, it is Muhammad, who is being pointed out.

God, certainly wouldn’t like to be downgraded. Is Narendra Modi the Kalki Avatar? With these good wishes Upadhya want to conclude my views on the matter.

Their Pundits, after thorough study of the book, have acknowledged this to be true and authentic research work. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe is One and has no second. Learn More at ragingbull. Why is Kalki Avatar praakash The riding on ‘Buraq’ and ‘Meraj’ by the Prophet Muhammed saw proves what?

Kalki Avatar By Pantid Ved Parakash Upadhyay – Bazm-e-UrduBazm-e-Urdu

The serious reader may want to refer to scholarly work of Dr. And it is very true in this matter. No book in the world can face up to this challenge of the Qur’an. I’m copying here the scholarly credentials that are mentioned near the end of the book I linked:. Arya Dharma is not to be found in that country.

Let’s look at this logically. Therefore Narashangsa and Muhammad are synonymous. And we know this fact that Muhammed saw was aided and reinforced by Allah swt through His angels in the battle of Badr. Before the English translation is presented, a note on the word Malechha that appears in the first part of verse 5 is in order.

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Kalki, V.P.Upadhyay and Hazrat Mohammad[D:]

God certainly does not show up in His actual form to us. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break.

I like to write articles in Assamese and English. The Puranas were either revealed simultaneously with the Vedas or some time before. The Vedas contain many prophecies about Prophet Muhammad. Scholars who have done extensive research comparing Hinduism and Islam and prakasb major works. It is a proven fact that Muhammad fits the description of avarar Ultimate Sage, whose coming has been prophesied in the Vedas, the Bible and the Buddhist scriptures.

That is why the followers of various religions had expressed doubts about the validity of their own scriptures. Total nonsense they speak but they are not as bad Muslims like Zakir niak and his followers who understand next to nothing about Hinduism and bark like dogs.

On the other hand, those who accept such Messengers and obey the new scriptures, attain the true path. Those who reject the new Messengers and the new scriptures and thus follow the superstitions blindly, go headlong towards their doom.

These are a sample of many prophecies. To show these enemies the right path and to give them guidance the prakas Mahamad Mohammadwho has been given by me the epithet of Brahma is busy in bringing the Pishachas to the right path. Fed are a very small sect of Hinduism and it’s mostly Muslim converts who want to join Hinduism and worship a similar aspect of God that of Islam.


So, in trying to upgrade our MAN, it may turn out to be a case of downgrading our God. Dr Ved Prakash Upadhyai M. Many questions are raised. Plus Kalki avatar is much later in the future nearly years away in Kaliyug.

Last updated on 13 March, For them, as well as for those who want to cross-check against a genuine translation of the Indian scriptures, the reference number of every verse is included. You need not go to the land of the foolish Pishachas, you will be purified through my kindness even where you are. In the context of Biblical scriptures this word meant kakli descendant of Prophet Ismail Ishmaeland it is well known that Muhammad s is a descendant of Prophet Ismail through his second son Kedar.

I have combined the three in my Bengali translation and have named it as ‘Muhammad in the Vedas and the Puranas’. These men are known by ordinary men, sometimes as saints, sometimes as sages, at other times as prophets, and yet praoash times as God Himself in the garb of a man. This book explains the Hindu terminology used in the Mantras and the meaning and usage of certain words and phrases from within the Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures. It is impossible that all the Puranas which were so widely read and keenly studied, could have fallen in oblivion and totally wiped out, whereas the Vedas, which only a few could read and understand, remained intact until now.