Gambaran persepsi bidan di desa dalam pelaksanaan program kemitraan bidan dengan dukun bayi di Kecamatan Sukaraja Kabupaten Bogor. Provinsi Jawa. pada ibu selama masa nifas dan pelayanan yang mendukung bayi .. Kemitraan antara bidan dan dukun sebagaimana dimaksud dalam. Pasal 46 ayat (2). PERSEPSI DUKUN BAYI TERHADAP KEMITRAAN DENGAN BIDAN DALAM PERTOLONGAN PERSALINAN DI PEDESAAN (Studi di Provinsi.

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The perception of TBAs on partnership with midwives were collected by interview using questioners. User Username Password Remember me. Therefore, TBAs and midwives partnership has to be improved since early pregnancy to delivery, post delivery services and nursing of babies, to prevent infant and maternal deaths.

The formulation bldan the problem in this study is How Implementation and Obstacles encountered in partnership with Shaman Baby Midwife in District seberida Indragiri Hulu. But the midwife partnership with TBAs in District Seberida there are still some obstacles which are still there TBAs are no longer cooperate with the midwife and there are still people who believe aid delivery to the village midwife because of kepercayaa, customs and economy.


This research was conducted in all of the village and the villages in the district Seberida. Email the author Login required. The expenses for assisting kemitraqn was relatively cheap in both provinces. TBAs responsed that the health services by the midwives and their skill were good.

Kemitraan Bidan dengan Dukun Bayi di Kecamatan Seberida Kabupaten Indragiri Hulu – Neliti

It was an observational study with a cross sectional approach. This method as a process of solving problems examined by explaining the state of an object of research is based on facts. This study aimed to determine TBA perceptions about the partnership with midwives in assisting child birth at villages. To obtain the necessary data, the authors conducted observation in the study site to the TBAs and midwives in collaboration with PHC Pangkalan Kasai in all rural and urban villages in Sub Seberida Indragiri upstream and conduct interviews with relevant parties, namely the Head of Puskesmas Pangkalan Kemiraan and Chief Medical Officer of Indragiri Hulu.


In this study, the author uses descriptive quantitative method, performed by acquiring and analyzing data in the form of numbers. How to cite item.

Email this article Login required. Article Tools Print this article.

Kemitraan Bidan dengan Dukun Bayi di Kecamatan Seberida Kabupaten Indragiri Hulu

Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages. View original from jom. In the partnership midwives provide more services and nursing at deliveries, whereas the traditional birth attendants gave more post delivery services in the post delivery period.

The partnership between Traditional Birth Attendants TBAs and midwives is one of Government efforts to increase the coverage of safe deliveries and to improve the referral system by TBAs. The results showed dujun the midwife partnership with TBAs in District seberida already well underway.