Instructions — KEVA planks Plank Challenge, Planks, Eagle, Challenges, Eagles , Boards Wooden plank STEM challenges: structures and contraptions. Buildings & Bridges — KEVA planks. Tons of Keva Plank building ideas! .. Free- form KEVA structure #KevaPlanks #ConstructionToy Jenga Blocks, Block Play. solid pine KEVA planks to create buildings, monuments and geometric forms. page, full-color idea booklet with build-out instructions; Ages 5 and up.

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Does the toy break easily, or can it survive heavy use? Children can get a “feel” for numbers and a first-hand understanding of the physical forces acting on the planks.

Let us know your thoughts. Some toys are meant for gross motor function, such as a ball, while others are good at helping fine motor skills, such as sewing.


Laundry detergents are fine for clothing, but the skin on the face is more sensitive. Let it air dry for a few days before using again. Here are a few wooden plank STEM challenges you can do at home or in the classroom.

The simplicity of KEVA is compelling! See and discover other items: Use a hot glue gun, or some water-proof caulk and seal over the hole. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Our diligently created grading score lets you know what we think of a toy at just a glance. Additionally, make sure to let metal toys fully dry after getting wet so they don’t rust.


A page, full-color idea booklet with build-out instructions is also included. We would like that. For families, maple is an heirloom toy that can be passed to the next generation.

Very light colored fabrics may best be cleaned in a washing machine because they are more prone to staining. Attention spans lengthen, concentration deepens, teamwork happens, excitement builds, children learn. Please try again later. Take a puzzle or brain-teaser outside and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. Usually, bath toys are fine on the outside, but toys that get lots of water inside them, like rubber duckies and squeaky toys, can grow mold on the inside.

International Shipping This item is not eligible for international shipping. Cleaning them every two weeks or so can help prevent this. The additional designs in the instruction book that come with this set aren’t very interesting or fun.

If you are not using blocks make sure your wooden pieces are as straight as possible and that your surface is also flat and not in a place where there will be a lot of vibrations foot or road traffic. Some adventures involve imaginary castles and dragons.

The guide shows you how to add a hands-on component to math, science, reading, social studies, and other subjects. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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The simplicity and uniformity of KEVA planks allows limitless possibilities in construction. Share your thoughts with other customers. Pillowcases with zip-closures are great, but a regular pillowcase can be held closed with a twist-tie, a zip-tie, a rubber band, a hair-tie, or a simple knot. October 7, at Toys can instrructions anywhere from minutes.

Instructions — KEVA planks

For more information on how to care for wooden toys, check out our Cleaning Guide for Toys. In this way, children are forced to think about how geometric shapes affect the overall structural integrity and stability in a much more direct way than with traditional building sets. See all reviews.

Is there a toy you didn’t see on our site that you would like reviewed? For instance, when observing that one plank was not balancing very well when turned on its thin side, the child used that piece as a flat section for the roof and selected a different piece to balance.

Have one to sell? Pine KEVA planks are affordable and durable. This site is powered by the Titan Content Management System. Want to instrhctions a toy for us to review?

Rinse, then let air dry.