The KOBOLD Guide to Worldbuilding. Praise for. Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design. “A must-have book for both those looking to get into this industry. Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding has ratings and 21 reviews. Patrick said: I’m unsure how best to rate this book. I got it to help me spark ideas and pr. Creating a setting for an RPG is a quite different thing than creating a world for a novel or a movie, or even a TV show or video game.

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Great set of essays about worldbuilding. Rules Please read our full rules click the button below. Apr 26, Ross rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every post needs context! The next four essays are more generally on designing cultures, citystates, and technology for your world.

Many very interesting insides Just a couple of subjective experiences that I don’t think will help ugide average world builder grapple with what makes things tick and why. Although both made me wonder why the authors never mentioned the Glorantha setting when it contains many worlebuilding of the kinds of things being discussed. Fantasy history, for history’s sake, is an indulgence that we inherited from Tolkien, but it never really enhances the living, shared experience for gamers.

Paizo’s Gamemastery Guide lists the kobood ones with lists for quick reference. My favorite thing about the book is the fact that the authors warn you about mistakes that people make, but they give examples of why it is bad and speak from experience.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In previous works, this advice was painfully obvious and usually linked to the tone of the genre, but here he worldbuiling specific design issues associated with the content of the theme.

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding by Janna Silverstein

A great collection of short essays on designing fictional worlds. This essay belonged in Kobold’s Game Design volume on how to work in the industry instead of here. It doesn’t get overly technical and ruin the spirit of the process by overwhelming us with science or literary theory.


Tyler Crumrine rated it really liked it Jul 06, Over a third of I picked up the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding based on my interest in writing fantasy and running roleplaying games. Stackpole, Steve Winter, with an introduction by Ken Scholes.

Now, eleven of adventure gaming’s top designers come together to share their insights into building worlds that gamers will never forget.

You must be logged in to worldbuidling a review. As Glorantha is prominently mentioned in the blurb on the back I can’t see that as anything other than snobbery, stupidity, or ignorance.

The last essay is on the limitations of worldbuilding and realizing you can’t and shouldn’t do everything. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ultimately, I don’t know that I’d really recommend this book to a wide range of people.

I start looking at the text critically and the reading becomes less fun and I think I wont finished it. More concrete exercises would’ve been much more helpful to new and seasoned worldbuilders but at most, it gives you a few vague things to think about. Submit a new link. The first five or six essays I easily could’ve skipped. Sep 03, Hteph rated it it was ok. He knows what he’s talking about and he’ll cover your ass before you need it to be covered.

Over a third of the total offering is penned by Wolfgang Baur, who also compiled the whole thing.

I genuinely expect to get a lot of use out of it. It helps of course that the collective contributors would have, at a conservative guess, well over two hundred years experience in the field of professional game design and speculative fiction writing.

But for me, the most important advice I can learn from experienced worldbuilders is what NOT to do and to learn from the mistakes they made. If you’re a rules hacker like me, this stuff is solid gold. Not only does he talk about how to create your own maps, but in doing so he also illuminates how this exercise helps to inform the world creation process itself.

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding (Kobold Guides to Game Design)

They spoke to an audience that knew what had been done but refused to look into the future to find underlying worldbuolding within aspects of world building. That’s a reasonable concern. Overall – uneven, but ultimately worth the read, as there are some real gems to be had. There’s a lot of good ideas and advice in this collection of essays on worldbuilding.


May 30, Dave McGraw rated it it was amazing.

Log in or sign up in seconds. I just finished reading this today, and I think it was amazing. The last couple essays weren’t great and could more or less be cut with very little being lost. Stackpole, Steve Winter, with an introduction by Ken Scholes. Other than some common sense points, I didn’t see how giide essay was all that useful either. Jan 13, Daaron rated it it was amazing.

It is almost certainly the best written, most informed, and most comprehensive treatment of the subject I have ever read. While the book is more or less focussed on the aspirant game-world designer – with a nod to those of use that do it as a sport and a pastime – much of the content would be equally applicable to fantasy writers looking to improve their world-building chops.

However, even these essays are marked by their inability to express much in the way of successes rather than denoting failures. I can see many of the tools, techniques, and recommendations working in literature though the book dorldbuilding clearly written for game design first and forem This book features a large and wide ranging selection worldbullding essays written by the giants in the industry of Role Playing Game design.

Tto also encourage users to register an account. Sep 03, Andrew Staples rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to keep up with the latest kobold news? Believe whatever you want — doesn’t change the merits of the oobold.