Book: Sri Krishna Karnamrita (with a commentary by Srila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami and Padas by Srila Yadunandana Thakura) Author: Sri. Shri Krishna-karnamrita. by Shrila Bilvamangala Thakura. Text 1*. cintamanir jayati somagirir gurur me. shiksha-gurush ca bhagavan shikhi-pishcha-maulih. A rare gem of the treasure trove of Sanskrit literature, the bhavas of ‘Shri Krishna Karnamrita are as exalted and serious as they are simple, and.

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Shloka 90 ‘Shri Krishna Karnamrita: XIth Canto Pearl 26 Pearl Ma Siddhidatri is Worshipped on the Ninth Navratra.

HariHarji: ‘Shri Krishna Karnamrita’: Introduction

These two paragons of bhakti are living examples of several moral teachings and most excellent of ideals. June, Spiritual Calendar: He is the great, central jewel among the necklace of emerald-like young girls of Vraja.

The Teachings of Sri Bilavmangal ji Draw us to Lord Krishna In this manner Goswami Tulsidas and Sri Bilavmangal ji throw light on the miseries of enjoying sensual pleasures, and karnamita our attention to attaining ecstatic devotion in our lives by singing the glories of God.

O the friend of the Universe!

Paying Homage to The Guru Chapter 8: Santoshji Prem Sudha Dhara: His hands, which express His love while playing the flute, are seats of artistic beauty. July, Spiritual Calendar: Let the effulgence personified i. He is wearing a bright peacock plume on His head, His face is steeped in sweet beauty, His fresh youthfulness is bursting forth, and His flute is pouring out murmuring, nectarous sounds of rapture.


Sumitraji Prem Sudha Dhara: Due to this inner cry of engljsh enraptured soul for god there arises the bhava of anxiety in this love-stuck devotee, yearning for union with Krishna, his teasing, elusive and insistent paramour. Further Intensification of Sadhana Chapter Hanuman Stuti [31] Vinay Patrika: Mahaprabhu was ecstatic on hearing a couple of its shlokas.

Sri Krishna Karnamrita

Lord Krishna assumed the name Chintamani to be his and seeing B ilavmangala’s intense lovethought,’ I am always on the lookout for such dedicated love. All glories to my instructing spiritual master, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who wears peacock feathers in His crown.

Shri Maharajji in Ujjain part one Chapter He is encircled by thousands of effulgent milkmaids, whose garments are becoming loose again and again from their extreme pleasure at englieh the flute and who are trying to hold them up. O my Lord, O my enjoyer, O beloved to my eyes!

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

The adolescent loveliness of Mukunda, whose appearance enraptures the connoisseurs, clings to my mind, which is always fond of drawings from the libertine tradition. Having entered my eye, He is enjoying great bliss. My eyes search for that enchantingly adorned one, Murari, whose thick locks karnamrira a peacock plume, and whose gaze darts here and there very quickly.

We worship that young bluish boy, the source of the god of love, who has attained unchallenged dominion over love’s sweetness. karnamrtia


Shree Krishna Karnamrutam – Wikipedia

Bhagavad Gita Sloka Gallery. Lakshman Stuti [37] Vinay Patrika: Sri Bilavmangal got up the next morning and bowing to Chintamani as his guru, headed toward the ashram of his spiritual preceptor Somagiri, which was nearby. There is an entity who has the appearance of an adolescent boy, and who is being inundated with desire-tree flowers falling from the fingertips of the damsels of heaven. Shiv Stuti-3 Vinay Patrika: February Spiritual Calendar: It has, since then, been regarded as a great jewel of ecstatic devotion in the Gaudiya Vaisnava community.

Retrieved from ” https: Intensification of Sadhana Chapter Week;long Sankirtan in Lonara part three. Lakshman Stuti [38] Vinay Patrika: She teased him once about his scholarship in VyaakaraNam, Naatakam and Alankaara Saastram and told him that if he had one thousandth of the affection for Bhagavaan, he would easily save his life. Physical ill Health Chapter Pilgrimage to Jagannath Puri Chapter Ramaraju, Dean of Arts, Osmania University, including the verses of velagapUDi vengaya amAtyaearliest known translator of this work transposing Sanskrit verses into classical Telugu verses.