Una novela que me hace pensar que la vida es una enfermedad necia, insidiosa , resistente; . In The Sickness Alberto Barrera Tyszka (“the Venezuelan Ian. La Enfermedad: Alberto Barrera Tyszka: Books – La enfermedad. Alberto Barrera Tyszka From diverse stories, moving, tender, funny and tragic, Alberto Barrera Tyszka proposes us a version of existence that.

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Refresh and try again. Delicate prose, deep moral questions, and a stunning pace enfermedadd what kept me ho Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Jull Costa “Tears are very unliterary: Make of it as you will but following the doctor a grand total of one time, in which he tried to talk to him about his “condition” and sending a few e-mails is hardly obsessive.

Margaret Jull Costa Translator. Alberto Barrera Tyszka Caracas, is a poet and novelist. Enermedad has brought an unusually sophisticated understanding to a wonderfully intense, little novel.

The Sickness by Alberto Barrera Tyszka

Miranda, tyszla oncologist more interested in books than in surgeries; a patient Dr. Oct 12, Zainab Ali rated it liked it Shelves: The questions are posed, and only each individual reader can answer.

I am not sure I appreciated its full meaning as I felt there is probably another level beyond the literal story of a doctor, his dying father, his secretary and a hypochondriac. El asunto de nuestra mortalidad siempre me ha fascinado Barrera Tyszka tiene barera forma de escribir absolutamente particular.

I feel let down, ttszka because of how the story between father and son was played out but because my hope of a thrilling, stalker based novel was nearly non-existent. Employing poetic finesse and multiple points of views, Tyszka delves deeply into each of these characters to examine how the idea and the reality of illness affects them.


Alberto Barrera Tyszka

Theodore Dalrymple of the British Medical Journal said while reviewing the book “I assumed this book was written by a doctor” and I believe this statement to be true. There’s a push and pull to the narrative, as the poignant moments between father and son,nuanced with shared memories of grief, intertwine with the creepy certainty of the stalker. This takes up a good half of the book granted it’s only pages long. Is Tyszka trying barfera say that people are subject to humiliation, by oppression or illness, no matter how virtuous they are?

I’m sad to say I didn’t feel for Andreas, of course we all react in different ways to difference crisis’ but he has been portrayed in such a way that he almost come across as selfish and this is even after lq has broken to the news to his father. But mostly it is about sickness. enfermedae

The Sickness

Miranda’s own bwrrera, dying of cancer ; Ernesto Duran another of Dr. Miranda is faced with a tragedy: Return to Alberti Page.

It was a sad tale of a son dealing with his father’s terminal cancer diagnosis while a patient of his, deals with his own sickness.

Suspense has been sacrificed to sadness and the melancholy of things calmly burning out. Me gusta la prosa de Barrera Tyszka, va acompasada con la historia.

A fine translation of an interesting book. Now I wasn’t wrong about personal turmoil, Miranda senior has lung cancer and Barrrra debates whether or not he should or even can tell him. Alberto Barrera tiene una escritura impoluta, sobria y deliciosa.

It is also a novel about obsession, that of others for us, and that of ourselves turned inwardly. Tyszka is a perceptive, original writer.


About Alberto Barrera Tyszka.

La enfermedad – Alberto Barrera Tyszka – Google Books

I didn’t like the frequent quoting of other writer’s material by the omniscient narrator, in what seemed to be a plucking of bricks from the fourth wall. Ernesto Duran, a patient of Dr. One scene confounds me: Miranda’s secretarywho feels compassion for the patient that Miranda so casually dismisses and then ignores.

A remarkable enfermeda, written in an unusual register that mixes depth with accessibility, that appeals to emotions but also to the intelligence of the reader.

He is also faced with a dilemma: The sell of Ernesto Duran, the hypochondriac, is also very questionable.

However, the stalking hypochondriac is a minor feature of the book and barrers holds no impact into what the author has made the main focus of the book.

What point does it make?

Delicate prose, deep moral questions, and a stunning pace are what kept me hooked into reading this in one sitting. A pesar de que me recuerda un poco a la escritura de Hotel de Payares, pienso que es una novela bien estructura aunque con fuerza mediana en su discurso. Y cuando ese forma de escribir se junta con un tema tan fatal e ineludible como la enfermedad y la alnerto, el resultado es un texto destructor a la misma vez que hermoso.

Therrien rated it really liked it.

Perhaps this is what his father dreams about: Possibly something about the state of Venezuela.