Europiccola, designed in and Professional, in , are a sort of mirror of a part of the Italiandesign history. A combination of style, quality and reliability. Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression in terms of technology and valuable materials. Pure-gold-plated, they are a precious piece. La Pavoni’s Europiccola EPC-8 Manual Espresso Machine is a classic device that produces up to 8 consecutive high-quality espresso shots at a time.

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Professional – PL

If you choke the pull do not immediately take off the europiccolx The 51mm single baskets are actually usable, although single shots always make me think a “what’s the point? Go online and find a Internet seller that sells the “Elektra Leva ‘A’ machines and replacement filter baskets.

The spring is set so that it allows pressure in the boiler to be let off once the unit is up to the appropriate temperature.

By accessing this site, you agree to the site’s terms of service. You have to learn your own tastes, and find the methods that work for you. If it goes hard, don’t force it, go ahead and wait for the pressure in the grouphead to release and then slowly turn the portafilter handle to relieve the pressure still in the grouphead.


For newbies, it’s probably worthwhile noting that some parts of this guide apply only to older pre-Millenium Pavoni levers. Singles can be an amazing shot though, especially when they are pulled with a single origin.

Europiccola – EL

Professional — PL V: If you have gotten the handle down far enough to be past the point where hot pavonu is introduced to the grouphead; wait for about 30 – 45 seconds without further pressure on the lever. The espresso itself is actually creamy and the crema ooohhh The solution is to cool off the portafilter by putting it in cold water. As I said earlier, if these units are properly cared for they last and last and Is this expectable or am I doing something wrong?

Double baskets for the Millenium models are now available for reasonable prices e. You will get a pressure release of hot water, and wet espresso all over the place. If the pull is difficult, I only do a half pull and then start on a second pull. The machine is not the problem.

The user therefore can vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee, ensuring it is made exactly according to his own requirements.

This procedure prevents a vacuum being created above the espresso in the filter basket which usually causes channeling during the pull.

It is somewhat similar to the letter in this post but does contain the differrences you pointed out. Continuing navigation consent to the use of cookies. There are however some coffees that I drink mainly as single origins. It is a small spring with a metal ball at the end that fits into a venturi mounted on the boiler.


Domestic LineOptionals. I then take off the portafilter dry the shower screen, and filter basket and then load a filled basket into the portafilter. So I agreed to sell a few You may also like… Add to cart. You may also like… Add to cart.

La Pavoni Europiccola instructions for newbies

Once the machine is up to temperature it will be hissing and sputtering a bit that is perfectly normal. The classic lever machine continuously evolving since its introduction.

Choose an option V V Clear. They are much deeper than the La Pavoni basket yet are the same diameter. Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression in suropiccola of technology and valuable materials.

I like double-doubles or even triple-doubles People invest so much time in their double baskets, and start getting good shots, then switch once and the shot just isn’t as good. I also check and lubed the piston and its gaskets.