1 Digitized by Google Original from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE IN WORLD WAR who wrote in French on certain aspects of. Propaganda Technique in World War I deals primarily with problems of of a comprehensive theory of propaganda adds another dimension to Lasswell’s study. , , English, Book edition: Propaganda technique in the World War / by Harold D. Lasswell. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Harold D. Lasswell.

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He instigates or welcomes such a windfall as accrued to the cause of the Entente in the last War, when an eloquent volume, J’ accuse Lausanne,came from the pen of Richard Grelling, a native of Switzerland and close student of Germany. There is a’wldespread belief that fighting is due to ill-will, and that, if war is to cease, there must be a ” moratorium on hate. To them, opera in German was a profanation, and the ” Ring ‘ ‘ was pronounced with the accent of Belgravia or not at all.

The mis- adventure of a single person was related by W.

Stoned to death, Hanged, Dis- embowelled, Bound and tortured on the spot. The police are boorish and haughty. It is to be expected that governments will rely increasingly upon the professional propagandists for advice and aid. Lloyd George replied to these insinuations by saying that he knew there would be a row about these appointments, and that he was right, but that he had found that on ly n ewspapermen could rea lly do the job.

Such a formulation is by no means acceptable to the sophisticated few, who have come to believe that persons individual or ” collective ” act as they do, because of the tenacious grip of circumstances. The agreed formula was first given out by Lord Northcliffe in an address before the United States’ officers in London, on October 22nd, The lines are never mutually exclusive, for the historian is continually uncovering a new example of method, while the technical student is often able to plug a gap in chronology through his researches.

The present War is a struggle between the sordid British and the self-sacrificing, loyal, courageous and obedient Germans. He combed the reports of some of the municipal vice commissions for juicy stories about sex offences committed by children and reproduced these as typical of the standards of American life. Imper- fections of conception and execution are my own doing.


Cunliffe Owen is a director of thirty-six companies. Formal meetings of international representatives ought to be solely for the purpose of rati- fying agreements already arrived at informally. And now I commend you to God.

Propaganda technique in World War I / [by] Harold D. Lasswell – Details – Trove

Clinical psychology is too rudi- mentary to carry an imposing superstructure. Of this sort of thing a book put out in England during the War may well serve as a model. The Techniqke of London was on the verge of a disaster, such as the world had never seen. Serious historians and journalists combined to elucidate the responsibility of Germany’s enemies in such co-operative ventures as Zum geschichtlichen V erstandnis des grossen Krieges by A.

Only the Liberal minority protests in Germany or elsewhere against the outpourings in its own behalf. A German advance through Belgium to the north of France might enable Germany acquire possession of Antwerp, Flushing, and even of Dunkirk and Calais, propagaanda might then become German naval bases against England. Frederick the Great and the robbery of Maria Theresa are earnests of this. The Russian Atrocities in East Prussia in especial.

Individual propaganda agents of high and low degree have written their memoirs, and international propaganda is alluded to in every reminiscence and apology techniaue post- armistice times. This whole discussion about the ways and means of controlling public opinion testifies to the collapse of the traditional species of democratic romanticism and to the rise of a dictatorial habit of mind.

These associations exist to keep alive a sentiment of cultural unity wodld may, in times of emergency, go further. When the abuse of the Creel Bureau reached the peak of insinuation and distrust, Mr.

Never have these chords been strummed with greater dramatic sense than by Kaiser William II. Rainey came to the aid of the besieged head of the Committee on Public Information, by reminding the House that the Republicans had possessed power for sixteen consecutive years, right down to the two years before the European War, and if the Chairman had returned thanks for unpre- paredness, he was returning thanks for the Republicans even more than for the Democrats.

At the same time Lord Northcliffe was named Director of Propaganda in Enemy Countries, and Directors were appointed for neutral countries for intelligence, and for cinematograph propaganda.


Propaganda Technique in the World War

It is more ambitious in that it has under- taken to evolve an explicit theory of how international war propaganda may be conducted with success. Goethe had acknowledged that We, the Germans, are of yesterday.

Separate different tags with a comma. If this supposition can be planted firmly in the public mind, a mighty weapon has been forged against disunity and defeatism. Bergmann, Die weltgeschichtliche Mission der deutschen Bildung Gotha, After peace came it was propganda for another Frenchman, Dlmartial, to procure a hearing in the interest of veracity proapganda to recall attention to a three- volume tome Vainer e by the French officer Montaigne, in which this thesis was defended: In the early days of wag War of a very pathetic story was told of a seven-year old youngster, who had pointed his wooden gun at a patrol of invading Uhlans, who had dispatched him on the spot.

The new organs of international government are in close touch with interests inside each nation. It is no organic secretion of the horde, but the tedious achieve- ment of the few.

The chairmanship was passed round in a rotating system, and the co-operating journalists chose a committee to speak for them. A literary relic of this dispute is the volume of able essays edited by Georg Pfeilschifter, Deutsche Kultur, Katholizismus und Weltkrieg. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Sometimes this disagreement is sharp and emphatic, because it comes from people who have tried to use existing notions about public opinion in their efforts to control it. Policies are not safely formulated without expert information on the state of that opinion upon which they rely for success.

He said, ” Yes, you have correctly expressed my meaning. The two German soldiers then gradually merge into two commercial travellers, and are seen in an English village after the war.