Prescripción de los creditos laborales: Ley de 22 de diciembre de ( artículos 29 y 32). Book. Nuevo régimen de prescripción de las acciones laborales: (Art. 29 de la Ley no. ). Book. The from 5 Prescripcion De Los Creditos Laborales: Ley De 22 De Diciembre De , Articulos 29 Y 32 download ebooks the secret 6 weeks.

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It is our goal to provide our employees a positive environment wherein they can easily seek assistance and openly communicate with the management. If you wish to share your feedback, please go to http: We’ll make sure to conduct an investigation to avoid similar instances from happening again.

We’re glad le know that you enjoyed your stay at Teleperformance. We are committed to providing a positive working environment for our employees and ensuring they are equipped with enough knowledge so that they can do their job properly.

Carnelli, Santiago

We wish you all the best! We’re glad to know that you’re enjoying your stay at Teleperformance. Our goal is to equip our employees with enough training and skills to be able to support customers and prepare them for future career opportunities. Kindly share your feedback with us at http: Thank you for sharing your feedback. We see to it to cater to our employees needs, make sure they are treated well and listened to and provide them constant support and assistance.

Ask a question about working or interviewing at Teleperformance. Our community is ready to answer. Submit your CV Sign in. Teleperformance Employee Reviews Review this company. Found 17, reviews matching the search See all 17, reviews. Nice and social people to work with and for. Management where understanding and helpful. Strengthened my communication skills, dealing with clients and there queries. Also improved on my I. T skills, operated different computer programmes. Was this review helpful?

I does not visit any telecom company. First I have to visit after that I can speak 169066 that. I cannot make or not a right to make judgement about any company. Pros and Cons depend upon company’s terms and conditions. Official response from Teleperformance. Teleperformance had a fun training program and it was very educational to each project. It was leg very relaxed call center enviroment. I left due to them closing.

Lauderdale, Florida — 28 October But not a typical place for a person with a global vision. Highly dysfunctional worplace, top management running away from knowledgeable employees, 169066 avoiding each other, a very unusual 166906. A great place to learn about cultural diversity. I have learned much about other cultures and human behavior in a dysfunctional workplace and how to manage daily unrelated work issues, workplace pey and leadership in culturally diverse workplace.


Empresa equilibrada e boa de se trabalhar. Es el topic call center, pero con una cultura de trabajo mas establecida. Poor place to work. The best part about this job was the training unrealistic targets and the company is stats mad would sooner get the caller off the phone in 3 minutes than have a happy customer.

Was not paid the anual wage i was advised of. When leaving the conpany you get escorted out like some kind of criminal would not reccomend this company to anyone limited 1690 and lunch upskilling workers before probation has been passed. This job is adverrised as permanent its not your on a three month temporary contract so be warned.

No confidentiality with management they will be heatd talking about you amongst themselves. Decent Job, Awful Management.

Simuladores Dec. /

Training seemed like it was absolutely incredible Your managers are going to be constantly threatening to fire people for mistakes we couldn’t avoid because we were not educated on key aspects of the job properly. Of course, I am talking about the Consumer Lending part of the job. The customers for the company you’d be working for are absolutely the best. They’re incredibly polite and patient. They are absolutely the worst. I got so stressed from this job, I had to quit from getting stomach ulcers.

If you have a tough skin and lots of ambition, you will do great here. The pay is great and you WILL move up if you stick around. That 166906 said, lry job is not for everybody.

But I do recommend trying it out for yourself. Just make sure you have a Plan B if you start getting 1606 out. This place is good to work at. I recommend people go And work great staff and friendly and nice to people pay is not great.

But over all good place i learned people skills. Talking proper and more professional. A good place for growth! Fun Place to Work! I cannot recommend anything more than this company. Good team and management. People are like family. It is really fun at work and work-life balance culture. My experience in Teleprfomance is very good just 116906 they provide very friendley and healthy environment and there are lots of things key learn and improve yourself.

The company has a good training and development for employees who are looking for advancement. It develops future leaders suited to help the company. Hectic with management as clueless as you are some time.

Teleperformance is a that had me stressed was training was over and made me wonder what my superiors were thinking and 169006 if they knew anything at all.


While I was working at Teleperformance I was put on time restraints that made no sense and any one who could of help gave me contradicting advise. It’s was a secure job. I enjoy my time here as a CSR. The pay is fair and let environment is professional but relaxed. I would enjoy working here if possible but they don’t have locations where I am going.

Sistemas y equipos actualizados.

Hector Babace (Author of Prescripcion de Los Creditos Laborales)

Muy buen empleo con excelente oportunidad de crecimiento y un gran ambiente laboral. Management did not take care of the needs of agents and ignored what was brought to the attention of HR. I did not feel as if my complaints were met with professional courtesy. Ambiente de trabajo juvenil.

Telepreformance was the 2nd work from home I 19606 employed with. Their systems iLog systems is awful it freezes and disconnect and drop customer call.

Surveys since I been here have no bonus attached even though when I got hired I was told it would. We were told for 3 months no time off which was fine but when we were allow to take of you have to find someone to key with you or you can’t take that day.

Request shift change due to know but was denied they say because of call volume but no bid process to get a better shift. Benefit are extremely high no worth it. No paid vacation for 1yr and even then it’s only 2 days. I worked in Tech support Tier I and if you escalate up they give so much push back but if you keep the call and get a bad survey they want to say you didn’t position it right The pay days of 7th and 22nd is tough Working in different dept doesn’t require you 16960 for it.

Sup randomly pick people.

But if you sup is thinking only of you good lock getting promoted or transferred I have to 61906 this worse job I ever had. Great tech experience but awful company to work for. Mandatory OT, no paid time off, no holiday pay, if you off a holiday you have to make up that day by using one of your other days off, Every supervisor tells you something different about the guides.

Previous Next. Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more leu working here? Questions about Teleperformance Is there a car park at the facilities in Athens, Greece?