Abstract The endemic Lilium ledebourii(Baker) Bioss. (Liliaceae) was investigated anatomically. Studies were performed on plants collected from Damash of. Lilium albanicum is a Turk’s cap lily from Albania and the Balkans. . Lilium ledebourii is from Azerbaijan and the Elburz (Alborz) mountains in. Lilium ledebourii is known only from a few scattered localities in Iran and adjacent Azerbaijan, but this is surely one of the loveliest of the genus. Strong spikes.

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The vascular bundles are collateral type.

Lilium Candidum Section

ledebouurii The silica cells were observed in some other plants especially Poaceae and Cyperaceae families Lawton, ; Metcalfe, The flowers are actinomorphic and attached on up to centimeter-long petioles.

Lilium ledebourii is from Azerbaijan and the Elburz Alborz mountains in Iran, where it grows at between and meters. This page was last edited on 16 Julyat It is an early flowering, cold hardy and disease resistant species, and as such an excellent candidate for areas that have ledeblurii short growing season.

Lilium ledebourii flowers from the early of May until the middle of May.

Information and pictures of species on the pbs wiki are found on section pages linked below. In the cross-sections of the root Fig. These results are almost similar to results obtained by Iwanami et al.


You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. Most, but not all of the species in this section are epigeal have delayed germination.

The upper and lower epidermis comprise uniseriate, almost square ledebokrii oval cells. The cross-section of a part of the stem containing the vascular bundle and ground tissue x The xylem is towards the upper surface and phloem is towards the lower surface. Form rubrum has orange-red flowers with brown spots. Suitable sections were taken for microscopic studies.

If you lilihm to use this site we will assume that you are happy with this. The leaves stand upright, and have fine hairs on the edge; their shape is linear to lance-shaped. A silica prickle containing the silica hairs from the lower surface of the leaf x The genus Lilium L. The monoecious plant blooms in June and July with a panicle of one to fifteen fragrant ledrbourii.

The parenchyma cells are round or hexagonal and thick walled containing the low intercellular spaces. The cortex parenchyma is distributed all over the spaces below the sclerenchyma. It grows well in dappled shade.


This variety is the easiest one to grow; it is quite disease resistant and seems indifferent to soil pH, within limits of course. Chromosomal differentitation and genome size in three European mountain Lilium species. The properties of the glandular and eglandular hairs have been used as taxonomical characters.

Chalcedon was an ancient town located near Byzantium and is now a district of Istanbul. We use cookies to enable shopping on our website. The cross-section of a part of the root containing the cortex and stele x In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Lilium ledebourii – RarePlants

Synonym Lilium pyrenaicum subsp. The cross-sections of the anther revealed that anther has two lobes and four pollen sacs Fig. The cortex is composed of the parenchyma cells with lagers.

Anomocytic stomata were also described in some species of BoraginaceaeRanunculaceaeGeraniaceae and so forth. Liliaceae Species Behzad KavianiM. The leaves stand upright, and have fine hairs on the edge; their shape is linear to lance-shaped. The stem is strong and straight. This species has fragrant white flowers with a yellow base and blooms from late spring to early summer.