an München schätzen. München ist zudem die sicherste Stadt in Deutschland .. mit an den Standort angepassten Vermietungskonzepten dem Markt sehr .. Industrie-/Logistikimmobilien / Industry/logistics properties. 4, the issue of corporate real estate in Germany for the first time.1 . Logistikimmobilien – Markt und Standorte Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz. CREDITS. Der Markt für Büro-, Industrie- und Gewerbeflächen in der Region Berlin. (Berlin: JLLS). Jones Lang LaSalle (), Logistikimmobilien-Report Deutschland . “Gewerbesuburbanisierung – Die Tertiärisierung der suburbanen Standort”.

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From a logistics perspective, the balance of trade flows is interesting to analyze as it can have effects on the kind of logistics services that are available and on price levels of logistics services regarding the trade lane.

These are calculated as the imported measured against the exported tons. Apart from that, the purpose of this essay is to deliver approaches and basic quantitative data on the chemical industry and its logistics deutschlaand over time. This also led to the relocation of sites from foreign countries. Fachserie 1 Reihe 4.

There are some of them available for the German market and even more for other countries. The highest numbers of employees can be detected close to the known chemical hotspots like the Rhineland and the metropolitan areas Rhine-Neckar and Rhine-Main. Referring to Cooper et al.

Business Chemistry | The logistics profile of the German chemical industry

The decimal numbers within figure 2 represent directional backload factors. In order to assess logistics employment entirely, Fraunhofer SCS developed an approach that allows considering the logistics relevance based on single job descriptions that are cataloged in the German employment statistics from the Federal Employment Agency.

The findings are based on a combination of primary research and secondary data in the field of logistics service providers, logistics agglomerations and logistics employment. Thus, one statistical code might not be sufficient to classify such firms.


Therefore, the lever as origin of a paradigm shift is considerably small.

Therefore, chemical logistics space can primarily be detected close to the historically settled production plants of the chemical industry along the Rhine, which is one of the most important inbound trade lanes for chemical raw materials Kille and Schwemmer, The chemical industry might face shifts in its supply chain and business models as distance trade e-commerce grows in importance in nearly every industry. As Germany is a large economy, the top 10 chemical companies reach turn-over figures that are well above the mark of EUR 1 bn per year.

Special issues might require additional qualitative or quantitative primary research among practitioners from the respective industry.

Researchers as well as practitioners should consider deuhschland when planning future supply networks. Logistics properties which are solely used for the chemical industry are even more concentrated than the logistics employees figure 4who are often located in production plants or in case of wholesale in sales areas. This top 10 list presents the demand side of the chemical logistics market for Germany as a result of a study conducted in with turnover information available for Therefore, barriers to entry into these LSP markets are high.

Chemielogistik im Kontext allgemeiner logistischer Anforderungen, in: In addition, the affiliation is sometimes inadequate as many firms are active in different fields through a diversified setup. Additionally, diversified LSPs play an important role, e. The proximity to the shipping company turns out to be a priority for settlement decisions.

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The products of the companies do not only differ in type but also regarding their requirements for distribution to customers. The most important countries for Germany with regard to trading chemical commodities are the Netherlands and Belgium. Logistikimmovilien 7 concludes with final remarks and suggests fields where research should help to gain transparency on industry-specific logistics. Especially in the field of transportation, the recruiting of truck drivers will become a difficult task.


However, this scenario is dependent on the materials required for such digital direct manufacturing processes. Thus, supply chain planners need to take into account what the market and customers need Fisher, and not only what the products and goods handled might need.

The probability that backloads can be acquired for outgoing transports from Germany to the Netherlands resp.

An industry perspective, Supply Chain Management: The development of logistics employment indicates that logistics activities in the chemical sector are frequently outsourced. A need logistikimmpbilien operational logistics activities exists when handling and storing highly diverse materials chemicals, hazardous materials, liquids, etc.

Certificates that prove that LSPs are able to handle hazardous goods and fulfill quality standards are relevant to build trust to possible contractors.

LOGICAL — Development of cloud computing platforms and tools for logistics hubs and communities

Until now, LSPs mostly take on distribution processes Krupp et al. The article aims at giving basic data and interpretations on the chemical logistics sector in Germany. These sites are operated by a service provider who additionally offers properties, infrastructure, maintenance, facility management and further site services. For more than 20 years now, data has been gathered in exchange with logistics firms.

The statistical data on logistics employment in Germany is available on the level of NUTS3, a level of detail of single administrative and municipal districts. It also forms the basis for the evaluations of this essay.