From The Notebooks Vol 1 by Luke Jermay – Luke Jermay – From The Notebooks Vol 1 PDF From The Notebooks Volume 1 – Mystical. Shop From the Notebooks Volume One by Luke Jermay. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more. Learn and buy magic tricks by Luke Jermay from Vanishing Inc. Magic shop.

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Luke Jermay

But our inbox was quickly flooded with the same question: Tricks like these separate magicians from miracle workers! Magic by Luke Jermay Luke Jermay is one of the leading minds in mentalism and an excellent performer and creator.

All the other great material is just a huge bonus. This frm was created in 0.

Luke Jermay : 52magicdownloads

Does anyone have this? In this free download you’ll see Luke Jermay perform a full close-up show using the Marksman Deck. Taken from the personal notebooks of Luke Jermay over a 10 year period these are trick routines that have all been tried and tested in front of real world spectators, they are ready made showpieces for you to easily slip put into your performances.

For several years Luke Jermay has been very influential in the world of modern magic and mentalism.

If you find mistakes, just PM me and I’ll edit. All of these top performers commented about its ease of application in performance, reading and demonstration settings. Im tempted but want to be certain these effects can be performed in intimate settings, where folks can talk amongst each other afterwards and not reveal possible methods Would love a review.


These tricks are as amazing to a small group of 20 spectators sat at a table as they are a group of 3 people in a bar or restaurant.

From The Notebooks Vol 1 by Luke Jermay –

Valuable knowledge now easily gained! Jerskin Inner circle Posts. Further study on cold reading. Luke Jermay was a consultant and designer for many This is a strong, simple and almost self working effect that is ideal for you, the walk around magician who needs to add some personal emotional impact in your work.

Privacy Policy About Magicpedia Disclaimers. These are routines that are best performed for small groups – in close up,walk around and intimate settings.

Click here to cancel reply. When combined with the other items in this book audiences will have no other thought that ‘this guy must be for real’ the great thing is this system can jermqy applied to enhance material you already perform!

This is simply the perfect readings oriented companion to Luke’s Building Blocks, something like an “exercises book”. No stages, assistants or massive audiences of spectators are needed. Be sure to focus your comments on the product. Tried, tested and easy to perform.


From the Notebooks Volume One by Luke Jermay

Read our privacy policy. An unique story and a superb demonstration of personal reading to your spectator!

Nov 7, Any help would be greatly appreciated. This, coupled with his ground breaking applications of the four Convincers, is enough to transform and Cheap and easy to make, this is an ideal addition to any magicians home or office. This looks like my next purchase. The End by Rick. We were inundated with orders, and people were praising the product in a way that surprised even us.

The structure and application is where the true secrets lie, all covered in detail. It is writted by Luke Jermay. This page was last modified on 12 November notebooks, at We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.

Tried, tested and easy to perform. Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: Your spectator shuffles the deck once more. Tony Iacoviello Eternal Order Posts. Things you need to know??

This is the real deal!